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1.   What inspired you to write the short story that was featured in Birds of Passage?
“The Children Who Lay Down,” represents the 7th beatitude from the sermon on the mountBlessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. It is one of eight stories from a collection called, “Walking the Dog with Jesus.

The inspiration came after learning of the beautiful young orphaned hearts living in orphanages, in the Ukraine, from a young missionary couple visiting our church.

2.   How long have you been a writer and how did your interest in writing start?
My interest started at age six when I tired of hearing, “Stop making stuff up.” When I learned it was okay to tell tales on paper, I was in. Unfortunately, I didn’t take writing seriously until I enrolled in college as a mom/returning student.

3.  What would you like to accomplish as a writer?
What I want most is to give God glory for what He’s done in the lives of ordinary, undeserving people—like myself. And, if He has truly given me the gift to write, then I pray His Spirit, Pulse and Heart control every character on the page.

4.   Who has influence your writing? How?
Truthfully, my biggest influencer is my husband, as he is my muse. If I make him laugh or cry with written words, it’s the equivalent to a slam dunk shot or performing a perfect pirouette. His reaction to my words, make me want to write better, deeper and more. As with hubby, anyone who reads what I write and loves it, fuels my next 10,000 words. If you’re looking for a more conventional answer: Stephen King and (I’m dating myself) J.D. Salinger.

5.  Do you write on a regular basis or sporadically and when and where is your favorite time and place to write?
I write in the morning before I am capable of thinking, let alone over thinking. In the evening I rewrite what I wrote that morning. My favorite place to write is in the car on my laptop. Problem is, hubby gets tired of driving me around.

6.   What book and/or short stories have you written, besides the short story in Birds of Passage?
As mentioned above, I’ve written a collection of short fiction stories. My big project is “In Spite of Us—Stalked by a Loving God.” A non-fiction creative narrative on the power of God’s love in our everyday lives.

7.   Do you read Christian and secular novels or just Christian works? Do you have a favorite author, can be Christian or non-Christian?
As mentioned above. I love Stephen King novels and other thrillers. I do read Christian literature as well, usually inspirational based and I never tire of the Bible.

8.   As a Christian author, do you plan a faith message before you start writing or does your faith message grow out of writing a particular story? If no faith message in your writing, why not?
My writing always starts with a story… like a woman I knew nicknamed Granny Tennis Shoes. I’ll want everyone to know about her, then somehow the message just happens.

9.   Do you outline every chapter of your story, or do you simply let it flow without a preconceived idea as to where you might be headed?
I hate outlines. If one is required, I have to wait until the story is over and then manufacture one. I love being just as surprised as my reader when I see where the story takes me. Even in non-fiction, I like to get to the next page organically. I do have thoughts I jot down and if I can read my writing later, I work it in.

10.  What is the biggest challenge facing you as an author in general? How about as a Christian author?
Generally speaking, I could use more confidence. It’s as if I collect it in a sieve, needing more when the last morsel has slipped through the holes. As a Christian author it’s my reader. I want everyone to read my words but I am not focusing on fellow Christians; my heart is chasing after the person sitting on the fence, wanting God, but needing one more push. If that person reads my story and hears God’s love, well… Yahoo!

11.  Tell me about your current project. What you are trying to achieve, how far along are you, when it will be ready, any particular challenges with the work, target audience, etc.,
“In Spite of Us –Stalked by a Loving God,” is finished as of four days ago. The next step is publication. The biggest challenge has been finding time to write while working full time, not only the book but a blog as well. With that said, writing the book and the blog is worth every sane moment I traded.

12.  Given the choice, would you rather be an independent author or be traditionally published? Why?
My dream has always been the same: The phone rings. I answer. The voice says, “I am Mr. or Mrs. Whomever, from Well-known Publishing. I could not stop reading your book. I love it We would like to publish your work. May we meet and talk this over?

If that doesn’t happen I will also be thrilled to self-publish.

13.  Is there anything else about you or your writing that you would like to share?
I’m grateful that writing is what I am driven to do. How sweet that God uses me to serve, doing what I love to do.

14.  If someone wants to reach out to you, how should they do that? What is your preference?
Please do contact me. The best way is at my blog…. Or on Facebook… or email …