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Brandon Clements has written a book that is captivating and rich with questions of faith, especially in times of personal crisis. Is the homeless man really Jesus?

When Jack Bennett, a writer, who is having an extra-marital affair, writes a scathing article about Christianity, his life takes an abrupt turn. Every Bush is Burning is a wonderful story about a man in crisis and a homeless man who claims to be Jesus.

The book falls into the Light/Medium-Edgy category. It is written in the first person. If you are not a fan of first person fiction, stick with it. I promise it is worth the read. The story is well written and delivers on both entertainment and thought provoking content. The author writes:

“Jack’s character is a reflection of myself in many ways. Especially in the sense that, despite an unwavering commitment to Jesus, I have gone through periods of severe disenchantment with the way Jesus is often represented by American Christianity. This book was birthed out of that disenchantment, along with a desire to apologize for the things with the Christian label that have muddied Jesus’ name, including, of course, the innumerable failures and shortcomings of myself and other imperfect followers of Jesus. I can only hope that this book has helped to clear a little of the mud – for one person or hopefully a bunch of people.”

This is Brandon Clements debut novel. He lives in Columbia, SC and in addition to writing, he serves as a pastor at Midtown Fellowship.

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