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Father Barron’s observations on the movie “Whiplash” offer insight into the movie’s characters while at the same time he asks questions that can be applied to a discipline such as writing.

Although Whiplash is not a Christian movie, the issues brought forth by Fr. Barron, as they apply to Christian spirituality, are insightful and lead us to examine our own metal as Christians.

After watching the video, I visited the Youtube channel to look at some of the comments. In some cases, I felt like they were discussing edgy Christian fiction. I’ve included a couple of these comments at the bottom of this post.

One of the things I took away from reading through the comments on the movie review was the vast difference in point of views of what was acceptable to some Christians and what was not acceptable to others. Similarly, we have the widest spectrum of point of views in a niche that we call “Edgy Christian Fiction.” While some edgy Christian fiction books may be considered tame by some, the same book may be considered obscene by another. It is a genre that offers the potential for much controversy. The upside of this is that perhaps there will be more dialogue about what it really means to be a Christian. Perhaps this is the very nature of this genre.



What is your point of view? Where do you draw the line on what you would read as a Christian?

As a non-Christian, would you read a book categorized as edgy Christian fiction?